Recently, Guangdong inspection and quarantine bureau in Guangzhou in the seizure of a batch of children with old clothing goods, according to china’s health and quarantine related regulations, waste clothing is prohibited to enter the the same time, old clothes without quarantine, disinfection, carrying a large number of infectious bacteria or bacteria, once into the market will not only cause pollution to the environment, after wearing, people may be infected with skin diseases or other diseases, some bacteria exist to cause a large-scale epidemic of serious hidden dangers, endangering public health.

RFID chips and electronic tags are embedded in each piece of clothing, so that each piece of clothing corresponds to a unique information can be obtained through coding, including clothing fabric, material, production time, place of origin, place of sale, product description, buyer’s comments and other source information.once, garment already clinch a deal a record, look up mark code, can know dress is gone.

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