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According to media reports, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the Apple Card will eventually be launched in many countries outside the United States to provide for international users.

Speaking to the media during his visit to Germany, Cook seemed to confirm that an international version of the Apple Credit Card is in preparation. Germany may be one of the destinations for the release of Apple Credit Cards in the future. However, Cook did not tell German customers when the credit card was available.

“We want to offer credit cards everywhere,” Cook said in an interview with German media. He said the plan is to make Apple credit cards as ubiquitous as the iPhone. Cook warns that there are many difficulties in launching credit cards because each country has different rules and regulations.

“We want to come to Germany.” Cook made it clear.

While the Apple Credit Card does provide many useful features for travelers, including no transaction fees for purchasing goods abroad, the credit card launched by Apple in cooperation with Goldman Sachs is currently only available in the United States.

If Apple Credit Card is to be launched in another country, then Apple will most likely have to work with another financial institution instead of building a service from scratch. If Goldman Sachs believes that the launch of the service is successful, it should make it easier for Apple to attract local credit card companies or banks in the target market, thereby cooperating to launch Apple Credit Cards locally.

潜在 If potential partners do sign up with Apple, they will have to bear a lot of money. Goldman Sachs allegedly spent about $ 350 on each Apple Credit Card registration, and the investment bank expects it to make money from a user after four years of use.

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