As we all know, label printing is an indispensable and important part of the packaging and printing industry. Digital printing has entered the label printing field at a relatively fast speed, which is not only a technological revolution, but also shows us the possibility of digital printing, as an emerging force in the process of enterprise upgrading and transformation, seizing the opportunity to enter related fields.for example, the indispensable photographic printing in life is shifting from the traditional silver printing to digital printing. Some experts in the photographic printing industry point out that this is a large market with annual output value of RMB 316.9 billion in 2016.

In rejoice in the field of digital printing into label printing at a faster pace at the same time, we also must realize soberly, the label itself is also in the forward, smart tags (RFID) is one of, in some areas it is entirely possible to replace the original paper label, the most obvious one is the original paper tickets has been replaced by the implanted chip intelligent tickets.with the development of science and technology, is it possible for traditional paper labels to be replaced by other new media?Of course, this is not necessarily a total replacement, but it is entirely possible that the adoption of new technology and the emergence of new label media involved in the production process re-transformation.

During the 13th five-year plan period, the five technologies of concave, convex, flat, hole and digital printing will be recombined according to the market demand. They will be integrated with each other, and the proportion of digital printing, which is a rising power, will continue to rise.after the realization of the localization of digital printing equipment and consumables, the development speed of digital printing is bound to be faster.we are pleased that digital printing has been riding high in the field of label printing, and we look forward to a brighter future for digital printing.

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