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In the entertainment, retail, catering and other industries, membership card marketing solutions are mostly implemented. At present, the membership card card information on the market cannot be changed after it is produced by card manufacturers. Customers can only obtain information about their consumption by visiting the store. Or the merchant’s system sends the information to the member’s mobile phone to learn, but it is often blocked by the member as spam text messages, causing the user experience.

The video card with erasable card surface content is hot recently when there is demand. The card surface content of the video card can be erased or written freely according to the merchant. The customer can complete the customer’s latest consumption, points, and balance after the consumer’s consumption is completed. When the information is printed on the card surface, customers can see it at a glance. This not only makes it easy for customers to grasp their own consumption information at any time, but also facilitates the promotion of business activities. Such a win-win situation is not fun.


Let’s take a look at the solutions for erasable cards in supermarkets:

1. Expand the channels for member promotion

In addition to the expansion of the group’s own scale, the promotion of the membership system must have sufficient sales channels. In addition to the existing shopping membership card and 5 yuan card, try to promote it with the government and social organizations. For example, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions has contacted Whether the card can be promoted among the union members in the city.

2.Iimprove the membership benefits

At present, members only have the point consumption treatment, and members generally do not feel “thirst quenching”. So on this basis, we are ready to introduce discounts for member shopping, member points to insurance, member points to fitness, beauty, bathing tickets and so on.

3. Increase the promotion of members

Organize member-friendly associations, member fun contests, and birthday cakes for members on large-scale holidays, which are full of corporate care activities, to enhance the relationship between members and enterprises, enhance the image of the enterprise, and make members feel at home.

4. Incorporate membership promotion into promotion

At the same time as the launch of a large-scale promotional activity, the content of membership benefits is added to the content of the promotion to attract more consumers to join the ranks of members and experience the benefits and happiness brought by membership.

5.Follow VIP members

VIP members are important customer resources in the “Eight and Eight Principles” of the enterprise. If they grasp their hearts, they will get 80% success rate of membership promotion. Because they can not only bring rich returns to the enterprise, but also bring more members with VIP potential.

A product that our company is currently promoting, rewritable cards, put forward a new concept on customer relationship management!

” The visible “effect of the erasable card makes customers feel different and a new visual impact;

Stimulate customers’ interest in card holdings, thereby increasing card usage;

Provide complete and effective solutions for enterprises to collect customer information;

Support multiple business methods: VIP membership card, discount card, point card, stored value card, number card, etc.

The introduction of erasable cards. As a membership card of major shopping malls, it greatly facilitates customers’ grasp of their own consumption information, and also plays a greater role in promoting the activities of merchants.

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